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Find out here the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


What do we need to bring for the time of our stay ?

As mentioned in the description of each accommodation, we only rent the premises. Meaning that you need to bring everything consumable that you need during your stay e.g. toilet tissue, wood coal, dish washing liquid etc. but also your own bath and beach towels and your own top sheet (we do provide the bottom sheet, pillow, pillow case, blanket and bedspread. However, if some of your guests forget their top sheets we can rent them for 2€ per sheet.

Dishes and all necessary material for the good use of the cottages are provided (there is a set of dishes which is suitable for an everyday use but may be considered as too basic for weddings...) 


At what time can we arrive and leave ? 

Week-ends : the rent is from Friday evening 6h30pm to Sunday evening 6h00pm. The bedrooms must be free at 2h00pm in order for us to do the cleaning before the next group. However you can still use the facilities until 6h00 pm.

Mid-weeks: the rent starts Sunday evening after 6h30pm until Friday evening 6h00pm but you do have the possibility to rent less than 5 days when it is not during the school holidays. The bedrooms must be free at 2h00pm in order for us to do the cleaning before the next group. However you can still use the facilities until 6h00 pm.


Are there shops close? 


​We are situated at 1,4 kilometers from Damville which has many shops, such as a Carrefour Market, caterers and bakers as well as some restaurants and hairdressers. Please refer to the "useful links" section for more information.


What do we need to know about the Mill reception room?


The room is equipped with:

  • 1 professional sound system with a jack socket enabling you to connect all your favorite devices such as MP3 players, computers, phones etc.
  • 5 round tables of 8 people, 2.52 meters diameter.
  • 11 round tables of 6 people, 1.22 meters diameter.
  • 4 air cooling systems to leave the soundproof windows closed at anytime.​
  • The room is about 135 square meters (21 meters long by 6.5 wide).


How can we book one of our accommodation?

If you would like to book one of our accommodations for a weekend or a week, please feel free to send us an e-mail or to call us. Our contacts information are available in the "contact us" part of our website. We will then answer the questions you might have and explain you how to book if the date is available (you do need to contact us to know our available dates, since we do not have the booking planning online). We can also plan an appointment if you want to visit our place. 



What is the temperature of the swimming pool/jacuzzi ?

In summer and also in winter the covered pool is at around 30 Celsius degrees and the jacuzzi at around 37.

The swimming pool is usable all year round thanks to its cover which allows to have a warm water but also a warm environment under the "bubble" whatever the weather*!

In summer you can enjoy your swimming time outside thanks to the walls of the cover that can be removed with a sliding system.  

*Except for extreme weather events (extreme cold).


When can we have access to the swimming pool and to the jacuzzi ?

  • During the weekend, the swimming pool is for the only use of the Mill's tenants. 
  • During the week, the Mill's tenants do have the priority on the use of the swimming pool, however an agreement must be found with the potential other groups in the other accommodation of the property to let them use it at some point during the day.


Are pets allowed ?

No, For hygienic reasons concerning the swimming pool and its surrondings pets are not allowed.


What do we have to do before leaving ?

​Please :

  • Place used sheets on the top of the beds (do not fold them).
  • Replace chairs and tables you may have moved during you stay.
  • Empty the washing machines and store all dishes clean and dry.
  • Do tell us any eventual damages or problems occurred during your stay.
  • We will return you the deposit the following week.


What is included in the price ?

​The price includes the accommodation, all the infrastructure as described in each part of this web site. 


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